Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10

Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10

About game «Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10»

In the game Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10 you will have to help Ben 10 play the role of the Beetle. As you know, this is one of the main characters of the Omnitrix. This alien has many cool features and powers. Ben 10 is often obtained with the help of a bug in the right situations. This time he needs to quickly run across the field, where many pigs are bred. He decided to turn into a beetle and fly to get to the right place as quickly as possible. By playing the game, you will help Ben 10 fly past all the pigs. To do this, you need to maneuver the Beetle up and down in order to fly as fast as possible. The game counts, which means you need to fly very carefully and quickly react to obstacles so as not to collide with the pig and not lose. Are you ready for this challenge? Then proceed, the Beetle is completely under your control. Good luck!

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