Stickman Fights

Stickman Fights

About game «Stickman Fights»

Stickman Fights is an online fighting style game. Two stickmen on the street are fighting each other. They compete to win the title of top street fighter. And in this they need your help. More precisely, not to them, but to one of them. You must take part in the fight and try to defeat your opponent. These are street fights, so there are no rules. Use all possible tricks and movements to win. You will need to place a bet before each game. Of course, before the first game, when you have no money at all, you can bet 0 bucks. But if you win, then you can earn money for your victories. And this way you will be able to place bigger bets and win more. So, as we can see, we have not even one goal in the game, but two: to become the best fighter, and earn as much money as possible. Have much fun, dear friends!

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