Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space

Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space

About game «Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space»

This is a space station action game where an elite agent infiltrates a space base. You will play on a rare planet and face an endless number of enemies armed with various items and very powerful weapons. Smash through enemies and complete all missions in this online shooting game. You need to monitor your health and try not to get hit by direct shots from your enemies, because as a result Stickman can die. Also allocate your weapon consumption wisely. Make sure that you always have bullets with which you will shoot your enemies. So that they do not end, regularly pick up weapons after killed enemies. Thus, you can effectively defend all the time and go through the whole game. Always be careful and look around you, because your enemies might appear in the most unexpected places. We wish you good luck!

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