Steam Camp - Ben 10

Steam Camp - Ben 10

About game «Steam Camp - Ben 10»

Meet the ten-year-old boy Ben in the game Ben 10 Steam Camp, who stands to protect humanity from aliens. It turns out that they visit the planet with enviable regularity, some for reconnaissance purposes, and some for invasion. Among them, you rarely come across those with whom you can make friends, mostly - this is enemy aggression from alien civilizations in order to seize territory. Ben received a set of gadgets from friendly aliens and is now ready to fly out on incidents to deal with incidents. Recently, he received a signal that an alarm was raised in a summer camp nearby, and the cause of the commotion was the appearance of huge robots that attack people, trying to destroy them. The tourists have thrown their tents and rush about the camp in panic. Your task in the game Ben 10 Steam Camp, controlling a boy who took the form of a flying monster, destroy a squad of giant robots, take people out of the danger zone and lower them into the portal.

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