Stack Road

Stack Road

About game «Stack Road»

You can spend time behind the screens of your monitors with the help of a new arcade runner, in which you will have to help a funny man overcome a long path, which is an obstacle course. Moreover, he will overcome it in a very unusual way - by rolling out rolls of plastic cloth. We most likely have already intrigued you, so let's not torment - start! What rolls? These rolls are formed when a man runs over them, after which he jumps on them and runs. But as soon as spikes, cliffs, unpaved sections of the road and other irregularities appear under the roll, that is, on the track, the rolls unwind back and this allows our hero to continue the race. It remains to check how far you can take the hero. If there is any possibility to avoid losing rolls, then you should use it, because you have limited resources and the more rolls you have with you - the better. Have fun!

Watch how to play: