Sponge Bob Endless Run

Sponge Bob Endless Run

About game «Sponge Bob Endless Run»

Welcome to Sponge Bob Endless Run game! This cheerful hero does not sit still, so today he wants to spend his free time with you. We all know that our beloved hero SpongeBob is actually very kind and harmless, but we also know that he has not a good and not friendly old enemy - Plankton. He constantly tries to find out the secret recipe of his favorite cracksburgers from SpongeBob, but he doesn't succeed! Once Plankton grew to gigantic proportions and the incredible happened! He stole the Krusty Krab restaurant! SpongeBob won't forgive him for this, so today he is ready to rush in pursuit to return his favorite restaurant to its place. Sponge can't cope on his own, let's help him catch up with this insidious Plankton and take the restaurant! Ready? Then go ahead! You can play this game on various devices.

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