Spider-Man Wall Crawler

Spider-Man Wall Crawler

About game «Spider-Man Wall Crawler»

Play Spider-Man Wall Crawler online free application for all gadgets. Almost everyone is acquainted with the movie or comics about Spider-Man. The New York city is in danger again and our hero must help civilians avoid the hazard once more. You must be brave and use all your power to rescue helpless people, taking part in our amazing adventure. The superpower of a character is his ability to climb buildings and crawl along obstacles. Use it opportunity to save the city! His enemies Electro, Vulture, and Doc Ock captured the roof of a building. We need our hero – a Spider-Man must help! Haning not enough wed in his power, the only way to do his task is to crawl to the roof and try to avoid the spells of the enemies from the top. Do your best and save the New York city and its residents, as Spider-Man always does!

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