Spider-Man Rescue Mission Ultimate

Spider-Man Rescue Mission Ultimate

About game «Spider-Man Rescue Mission Ultimate»

We are sure that you like fascinating stories about superheroes who save whole planets from evil thieves. And many of you have always dreamed of becoming one. Today it will become a reality for you! The fact is that another dangerous thief has settled in the city. And the population needs a real superhero to feel safe. Of course, Spider-Man will come to the rescue. But you will act with him in one team! We all know that every superhero, no matter how strong, always has a weakness. Spider-Man is no exception. He is catastrophically afraid of water, and our thief just found out about it and is going to put pressure on this weak spot. We must help Spider-Man to defend himself from all thief attacks and save the city. Residents are tired of the endless chaos, so let's hurry to do good! Have a good time!

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