Sonic Slide

Sonic Slide

About game «Sonic Slide»

Do you adore Sonic, but from A to Z are you familiar with all the games about him? No problem! We're sure you haven't played this game yet! We offer you to take a break from all the action and shooters, and calmly play a game in which, in addition to everything, you can improve your logical thinking and attention. The essence of the game is very simple, and we are sure that you have already encountered this. At the beginning of the game you will be asked to win one of several images with Sonic and other cartoon characters. After that, it is cut into pieces and they are mixed together. In essence, it's like a puzzle to be put together. But the difference is that all the pieces are already laid out on the board, they have no bulges and have the same shape. You can swap any two adjacent pieces. And so you have to restore the original picture.

Watch how to play: