Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2

About game «Snail Bob 2»

Today Snail Bob woke up early in the morning and his plans were just to drink tea and take a break from the work week. But suddenly Bob remembered that his beloved grandfather had a birthday, and he definitely needed to congratulate his own grandfather. After all, if Snail Bob does not do this, then he will be the worst grandson who did not even deign to come to his birthday. Without hesitation, Bob has already looked after a gift that grandfather will really like. But as it turned out, it would be very difficult to leave the house and go to the grandfather. After all, the new house of Bob's Snail is located in a very strange place, full of different mechanisms, which are not very dangerous for Bob's life. That is why Snail Bob forgive you for your help. After all, if you went through the first part of the game, then the second will be easier for you.

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