Smashing Bots - PowerPuff Girls

Smashing Bots - PowerPuff Girls

About game «Smashing Bots - PowerPuff Girls»

Yes, these babies are small in stature and they were created were cute and kind, but this does not mean at all that they will give in to the forces of evil and retreat, because they were not created at all for this. Let's get to know the three girlfriends closer, before us is a Bubble, a Flower and a Pestle. Each of the girls has their own unique abilities, with the help of which they can fight the forces of evil. By the way, battles with dark forces does not prevent them from always looking beautiful, just like real beauties. Today, by the way, is such a day when the girls decided to go shopping and buy new outfits for themselves, all the more soon a small party will take place and the dresses will come in handy. But you will probably have to postpone the purchase of dresses for another day, as the sky suddenly darkened and an unidentified object swept past the houses with great speed.

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