Slap King

Slap King

About game «Slap King»

Do not rush to run into the street and look for an object for the role of a punching bag. It is better to reduce the degree of emotions by starting to play online free Fighting games. The people need entertainment, it is impossible to work day after day without rest. The city authorities periodically arrange various entertainment events and not all of them cost the city budget too much. In the Slap King application you will attend our imaginary square, where all the battles for the best slap on the cheek take place. You may assist one of the players and help him get the victory if you are more flexible than his enemy. Track the semicircular scale and fix the slider at the green point in the middle. This will allow the hero to swing well and give the enemy a good slap in the face, after which he may be knocked out. Have fun!

Watch how to play: