Scared Silly - Clarence

Scared Silly - Clarence

About game «Scared Silly - Clarence»

It's time to go on a dangerous journey again with Clarence and his friends, however, in the game "Frightened and stupid" Jeff will have to take the rap for everyone, who is not distinguished by courage, but can boast of good wit. Halloween is coming - this is a holiday that is always considered mystical, because according to one belief on the night of October 31 to November 1, an otherworldly portal opens from where the souls of the dead leave. Moreover, in addition to them, other more dangerous creatures can enter our world. Taking this opportunity, Clarence decides to play a trick on Jeff, he asks to look after the collection of toys, and he hid the figurine, which his friend had no idea about. When the boy found a piece of the map instead of missing, he realized that he had no choice but to go in search of the missing toy. Help Jeff pass all the tests and return the ill-fated little thing back to the collection.

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