Santa Run

Santa Run

About game «Santa Run»

New Year is a great time. A holiday, children in anticipation of toys and a miracle, world-wide rest and removal from strangers' troubles - that's what an ordinary person associates with this lovely day. However, not everyone can afford to be idle. Santa is one of those lucky ones. Well, he has taken an extremely responsible role - to provide the whole world with gifts. If you thought that new toys and sweets under the tree appeared just like that, you were deeply mistaken. Poor Klaus will have to go around millions of houses and roofs in order to bestow magic on the planet. You can play Santa Run for free right now on our website. We figured out the plot, let's discuss the gameplay. The character will spend most of the New Year's Eve on the rooftops in a running state. On the way, there will always be something on your path. Only you can bring a lot of joy and happiness to a boring world, do not let humanity and all the children counting on you.

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