Safe Sailor

Safe Sailor

About game «Safe Sailor»

Our brave sailors went on a long voyage. At first everything went well, every day went according to plan and the sailors did their job well. But one day trouble befell the brave sailors. Their ship sailed into the area, where pirates are actively raging and capturing the ships of civilians. Now the sailors have nowhere to go. And the only way out is to jump into a boat and swim to shore. But even here the villains are going to harm them. While the sailors are jumping, pirate ships occasionally pass by the deck and want to prevent our characters from escaping. Your task is to assist each sailor and help them jump from the ship into the boat. Just click on the sailor and create him a trajectory with your mouse. Boats will sail one after the other in the ocean. Coins will be placed on them, and coins will occasionally appear in other parts of the screen. The more coins you collect, the better.

Watch how to play: