Run Jerry - Tom and Jerry

Run Jerry - Tom and Jerry

About game «Run Jerry - Tom and Jerry»

Remember the good old cartoon about cat and mouse? Yes, we are talking about Tom and Jerry, and now they are back in this fantastic game. Jerry, as usual, has stolen the cheese from the mousetrap, and needs to get it with him to the burrow to have fun eating it there. But Tom doesn't want the opponent to get into his hole, so he put a lot of various items there that are able to stop Jerry from escaping. Although, you may not only assist Jerry in escape, but also pick up more cheese that you find across the path. Therefore, you and the mouse will run in the building very fast while you have five attempts to stay alive in the application. If you lose all of them, then you have to begin playing and perform the mission once again. Therefore, enjoy playing Tom and Jerry every moment and play this bright game. You can play the game on various devices.

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