Run 3

Run 3

About game «Run 3»

Welcome to the third part of the addictive game "Run 3"! In this cool reaction time game, you have to control a funny little character and lead him to the finish line along steep corridors. In order to win, you need to run through a closed area, jump over an abyss and test yourself for reaction speed. It is in Run 3 that you will be able to face a series of obstacles and also find out: how far can you run? Jump, roll, swim, run - all this you have to do in the third part of the exciting game Run 3. Fans of this runner will be pleasantly surprised by the new levels and other minor updates. Most importantly, despite the innovations, the game has remained the same and the gameplay has not changed. So, forward to new levels! Game controls: arrows - move, space - jump. Play this game on different types of devices.

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