Rumble in the Nightosphere - Adventure Time

Rumble in the Nightosphere - Adventure Time

About game «Rumble in the Nightosphere - Adventure Time»

Peppermint Butler is not as simple as it seems at first glance. He serves as a cook and jailer at Princess Bubblegum's palace. Despite the fact that he behaves in much the same way as the rest of the candy people, in fact, he is much more capable and smarter than others. In the game Rumble in the Nightosphere - Adventure Time, you will see that this guy wields black magic. Cinnamon Bun is possessed by an evil demon and Peppermint Butler and I will go to the Nightosphere. The Nightosphere is a creepy place where scary monsters live. In this exciting game, you can play alone or together. The main character will be Peppermint Butler, and the second will be Starchy. You need to go through fifteen scary levels and defeat all the skeletons, and at the end you need to fight the possessed Cinnamon Bun in order to free him from the demon who possessed him. The fate of the poor fellow depends on you. Have a nice game!

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