Route Digger 2

Route Digger 2

About game «Route Digger 2»

We offer you to relax from the noisy shooters, runners and races, and play something more calm and relaxing. That's why we suggest you play Route Digger 2. This is the second part of the game, inspired by Mario motifs. Well at least the design will definitely remind you of this legendary game! So, let's understand the essence. The game has many levels that you will need to pass. Your task is to pave the way for the ball from the surface of the earth to the pipe, which is buried deep in the ground. To do this, use the mouse or finger (if you play on the phone) to follow the optimal path. From the second level on the way there will be obstacles, so you will need to calculate the route so as to avoid them. In general, this game trains your mind very well and allows you to improve logical thinking. Good luck!

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