Rocket Racket - Bunnicula

Rocket Racket - Bunnicula

About game «Rocket Racket - Bunnicula»

What could be better than high-speed driving? And also on a skateboard, on which you race at all times with your teammate! And it's not just that you skate around, but you participate in competitions with other characters from famous cartoons, who are loved by many children and adults who watched them when they were little. But the skateboard will not go by itself, and it will not go quickly, since the usual pushing with the foot will not help. Now we have to combine several activities such as skateboarding and badminton. The more accurate the ball attack on the target placed at the top, the faster it will be possible to move forward. But be careful, because in addition to the usual balls, there is a huge black ball on the way, which slows down the driving process if it hits. Despite the obstacles, cover a long distance in the allotted time, gaining a lot of points.

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