Rock-n-Raven - Teen Titans Go!

Rock-n-Raven - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Rock-n-Raven - Teen Titans Go!»

After the launch of the first part of the cartoons, game developers understood that Teen Titans applications would be largely popular. A lot of applications were developed based on the cartoons of the same title. There are many extraordinary personalities in the team of teen titans, but Raven stands apart. A teenage girl has enormous potential, which in the future will develop into many unusual super abilities. In the meantime, she is on the path of trial and error, but already mysterious and incomprehensible to other super heroes. Fantastic skills are great, but teens are still kids and want to do the same things as their average peers. Raven wanted to learn how to skate for a long time and she succeeded, but the girl was not satisfied with just skating, she wants to do risky tricks on the board and here you can help her in the Teen titans go game! Rock-n-raven.

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