Road Racing: Highway Car Chase

Road Racing: Highway Car Chase

About game «Road Racing: Highway Car Chase»

We are glad to welcome you to a new exciting game called Road Racing: Highway Car Chase, which will give you the opportunity to take part in a fun race through the streets of a large city! After the countdown, your hero will start running forward, through a large number of dangerous intersections, where dozens of cars and other vehicles rush at full speed. Press and hold the left mouse button to stop. Be extremely careful and attentive to cross the road safely and avoid being hit by a car. If you manage to overcome difficult sections of the road without stopping, then your character will receive acceleration. In the event that you get hit by a car, then you have to start the level again. Come to the finish line first, where a whole crowd of fans has already gathered and win the road racing competition! Road Racing: Highway Car Chase game will help you experience a whole new gaming experience and have fun in your free time! Good luck!

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