Princesses VS Epidemic

Princesses VS Epidemic

About game «Princesses VS Epidemic»

Today, the three princesses will have to work in dangerous conditions, conditions when there are practically no people on the streets, that is, conditions of an epidemic. No one knows what happened in the city, but doctors recommend staying either at home or appear on the street only in goggles and a protective mask. But why should the young royals go out, they will bring everything to them anyway, they shouldn't even worry about it, but who will help the elderly who are sitting at home and cannot go anywhere. This is especially true for those grandfathers and grandmothers who either have no relatives, or they are very far away. Let's see how princesses will help people who are at home, and if the girls themselves cannot cope, we will help them. Each of the three girlfriends will do their own thing, for example, Elsa decided to help old grandparents, and her friends will go to the hospital to help the sick, and who to the laboratory to study the cause of the epidemic.

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