Princess Run: Temple and Ice

Princess Run: Temple and Ice

About game «Princess Run: Temple and Ice»

Little Princess Juliet was walking around the neighborhood of her castle. The weather was just wonderful. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and a warm breeze was blowing. As a friend, everything changed dramatically. It became terribly cold and everything was covered with a thick layer of ice. Then the Evil Sorcerer appeared out of nowhere and kidnapped Kubs to his Ice Castle. In Princess Run: Temple and Ice, you will help the princess to save her friend. First you need to help the princess get out of the ice chambers. To do this, you need to find the necessary items to light the torch and melt the rods on the door. This should be done slowly and carefully, because the Sorcerer will constantly fly around. Once you complete this task, you can move to the second level. Have much fun!

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