Princess e-Girl vs Soft Girl

Princess e-Girl vs Soft Girl

About game «Princess e-Girl vs Soft Girl»

Now everyone knows about Princess e-Girl vs Soft Girl, which are the popular styles liked by teenagers from all over the globe. Both are extremely well-known and completely opposite to each other. E-girl style in translation means "Rebel" and it is sharper, reminiscent of the emo style of the 2000s. Proponents of this style like dyed hairstyles in shades of blue, rose and green, and the makeup is bold with a lot of black. Soft Girl look incorporates the image of a girly, sweet and beautiful, with a pink tint. The models from our application are going to discover both looks and you have to assist them by coming up with their Princess e-Girl vs Soft Girl! In the dressing room, you will find all the necessary things and accessories that will help you create the most fashionable styles for our heroines. Good luck! You can play this game on various devices.

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