Power Tower - Teen Titans Go!

Power Tower - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Power Tower - Teen Titans Go!»

The team of teen titans has a long-awaited day off today. All the guys went about their business, and Robin remained in the living room. He was enthusiastically watching a movie and chewing popcorn, when suddenly the electricity went out. The entire city was de-energized. Robin looked out the window and saw the Hive Five villains' headquarters glow. Anyone else would sit and wait for everything to be resolved by itself, but Robin is always ready to solve any problem. In Teen Titans: Power Tower, you will travel with Robin to the Hive Five headquarters. It is very difficult to get there. The entire tower of villains is simply chock-full of various traps. You will have to demonstrate all your agility and speed in order not to fall under the incinerating lasers or any other trap. The whole point of the game is that Robin will use the grappling hook to move. Because of this, the young titan can only move strictly to the sides. Go around obstacles, collect gold stars and boldly go forward no matter what. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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