Power Surge - Ben 10

Power Surge - Ben 10

About game «Power Surge - Ben 10»

Ben's fans will be delighted to meet the hero in the new game. He again has to save the world, but this time the hero does not have to turn into a super fighter. The character will have enough of his own strength and your agility to fly on a special device. Keep your distance from flying enemies, destroying them before she gets close. Hitblast and Stinkfly are some of the most amazing superheroes Ben 10 has ever dealt with. Immerse yourself in the new adventures of Ben Tennessee, help him fly on his flying skateboard and destroy any enemies that come your way. By killing your enemies, you will have the opportunity to collect various bonuses and transform into more powerful alien heroes such as Hitblast and Stinkfly. Good luck! You can play this application on various types of devices for free.

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