Pop Us 3D!

Pop Us 3D!

About game «Pop Us 3D!»

The today's development of the world accounts to the fact that we live in constant stress and this is true not only for grown-ups, but also to kids with their many tasks at school and even in kindergarten. There are many various ways to get some rest and release tension. One of them emerged very recently and is called Pop Us 3D! This is a simple flat rubber toy of any form and color, which has many round bubbles. By clicking on every of them, you push it through and hear a satisfying sound. In the game Pop Us 3D! we have the same rule and the same toys, and not physical, but online. Although, the 3D graphics makes them very similar to real ones. You need to click on all the bubbles, and then turn the toy to another side and do the same. The scale at the top of the playing field must fill up.

Watch how to play: