Pool Buddy

Pool Buddy

About game «Pool Buddy»

Pushing a friend into the pool is good fun that always cheers you up. In this game you have to regularly dip your friend in a miniature inflatable pool. Of course, he is not going to jump there himself, so help him. To do this you have a pretty good stone throwing device. It will be fun! There is only one location in the game, but the tests will continue until you want to stop. Control a powerful slingshot and direct the stone at your friend so that you can complete the task with one shot. If this is not done, then the friend will be in a place where it will be difficult to hit with the next stone. This game can be played by players of any age and gender. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. And remember that you can play from any device. The main thing is an internet connection.

Watch how to play: