Police Drift & Stunt

Police Drift & Stunt

About game «Police Drift & Stunt»

In the game Police Drift & Stunt, you and I will go to a beautiful modern city, where there is no one but us. We have already placed various installations in the city for you, with the help of which you can perform various tricks and drifts. You are given complete freedom of action. You can break all the rules, because in this game the policeman is you! The better and more dangerous the trick you perform, the better. Train and try to surprise us! Your goal is to set a record. Also, when you play a little, you will have the opportunity to change the look of your car. Believe me, from such a game and its graphics, you will receive only aesthetic pleasure. And of course performing such dangerous tricks, you get a huge dose of adrenaline. Just believe us and try it yourself! We wish you good luck!

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