Police Chase Real Cop Driver

Police Chase Real Cop Driver

About game «Police Chase Real Cop Driver»

In Police Chase Real Cop Driver, you have the role of a police officer who keeps order on the streets of the city and takes care of the safety of residents. Go on a mission and fight against lawbreakers. Get behind the wheel of a police car and patrol the city. Signals will tell you where and what you need to do. Successful performance of duties and elimination of dangerous situations is rewarded with bonuses. You can find money on the streets, try to collect it as much as possible. In the store near the house, you can spend them on the purchase of the necessary things. Control your character and enjoy realistic 3D animation completing interesting missions. This game will teach you a lot of valuable skills as well as let you spend your time in a fun way. So have fun and get into playing as soon as you can. Enjoy!

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