Police Chase Real Cop Car Driver

Police Chase Real Cop Car Driver

About game «Police Chase Real Cop Car Driver»

Being a police officer is not an easy task, but if not, crime will flourish. Only you can stop the bad people who are terrorizing the city. Hurry to complete tasks and eliminate all criminals without exception. How to play You need to enter your or a fictitious name and confirm your choice. At the beginning of the game, you will have a classic car model at your disposal, but you can change it to a more powerful one, for this you need to successfully complete missions and get money for it. Also on your way you will meet wads of money, pick them up and increase your balance. When you are ready, go to a special location and take on the task. Pursue your enemies until you catch up. After that, quickly get out of the car and shoot the villains with your pistol. Demonstrate us your excellent driving skills and have fun!

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