Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D

Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D

About game «Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D»

In Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D, you get behind the wheel of a police car and drive around the city, where you will perform various tricks and drift. Many foundations have already been set up in the city for this purpose. Look for them in the streets and squares, and perform the craziest tricks to get as many points for them. Over time, as you earn a lot of points, you will be provided with other police cars that are much cooler than the one you will be driving from the beginning. Monitor the fuel level in your car and have time to do as many tricks as possible until it is over. In this game, the police are you. That is why the rules are unwritten for you, because no one will stop you. But this is only allowed in the game, so take this opportunity right now. After all, even when you grow up and become a police officer, you will still need to follow all the rules.

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