Police Car Chase Crime Racing

Police Car Chase Crime Racing

About game «Police Car Chase Crime Racing»

Do you want to feel like a brave police officer chasing a dangerous criminal? Today you have such an opportunity thanks to the addicting online game Police Car Chase Crime Racing. Download it right now and plunge headlong into the sea of ​​adrenaline and drive. The game has three different modes. If you want to drive alone along the city streets, then choose the single-player game mode. You can arrange a race with a partner, preferring the pair mode. You will have the opportunity to take part in an exciting game against the clock. You can choose any of the police cars. Some of them are available at the beginning of the game, while others can only be purchased after earning enough funds. To do this, you need to go through each level and complete its missions. In the game you will find not only an exciting pursuit of violators, but also dangerous shooting.

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