Police Bike City Simulator

Police Bike City Simulator

About game «Police Bike City Simulator»

Try playing an exciting arcade game Police Bike City Simulator. The protagonist of the game is a young policeman who just graduated from the Academy yesterday and joined the police. Help him to patrol the streets of the city for disturbances of public order. Before starting the game, visit the game garage to select the appropriate vehicle. Drive a patrol motorcycle along the city streets, focusing on blinking dots. Each dot represents a crime scene. Prevent any encroachment on public order by getting to the crime scene as quickly as possible. Accelerate your motorcycle to maximum speed in order to be on time. The city is full of crime and it needs to be protected. Stand up for the law, earning points for every crime prevented. Catch thieves and hooligans who damage the peaceful city. Demonstrate all your agility and reaction speed in this exciting new arcade game.

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