Pizza Ninja Mania

Pizza Ninja Mania

About game «Pizza Ninja Mania»

Who said that a real ninja only knows how to use weapons to fight the enemy, that he is trained at school for war and only to carry out secret missions? But this is not true, a real ninja warrior must be able to do everything, including knowing science. Our hero went further, and he studied the basics of cooking! Who knows, maybe suddenly it will come in handy in his life. And having studied all the intricacies of cooking, he decided to open his first pizzeria - Pizza Ninja Mania, in which he teaches everyone the skill of cutting food. Want to learn how to make pizza with a sword with a ninja master? Then you are in the right place! For cutting food, three modes have been developed, each of which is a certain cutting and a choice of food for pizza, and to make cutting even more fun, bombs will periodically appear along with the food in the air, cutting three of which you will lose.

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