Pizza Maker

Pizza Maker

About game «Pizza Maker»

Surely you love flavored pizza. But can you cook it yourself? Don't miss the opportunity to get acquainted with all the secrets of this delicious dish. Follow the prompts carefully and repeat exactly all the actions that will be indicated in them. The game will allow you to get acquainted with recipes for preparing not only pizza, but also fast food such as hamburger and hot dog. To start cooking one of the 3 dishes, click on the corresponding icon. Then you can start cooking it. For example, if you choose a hamburger, you start cooking by making a meat steak. A bowl will appear on the playing field. Add the following ingredients to it in turn: minced meat, milk, finely chopped onion, cheese, salt and a little spices. This also includes soy sauce and eggs. Once all the listed ingredients are in the bowl, use the mouse to take the spatula and mix them thoroughly. Go on by following the recipe and you will get a delicios dish!

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