Pixel Dino Run

Pixel Dino Run

About game «Pixel Dino Run»

Pixel Dino Run is an amazing application to run and jump. The higher score you achieve, the quickier the Dinosaur will move. Touch the screen to make the character jump and while he is jumping you may touch the screen again to quickly get back to the track. Your hero was walking in the desert, and unfortunately, he got lost there. Now he needs help, because he alone cannot find his way back. At first he calmly traveled with his parents, but through a cave storm, he got lost. Your task in this game will be to help the little dinosaur find his parents to continue their journey. Do not forget that on the way to the dinosaur there will be a lot of obstacles that he cannot overcome alone. You must help him. For example, it is strictly forbidden to touch cacti, because they can very painfully prick your character. You can play the game on various devices.

Watch how to play: