Pirate Islands Nonograms

Pirate Islands Nonograms

About game «Pirate Islands Nonograms»

In the game Pirate Islands Nonograms, we will go with you in search of treasure. But as it always happens, before you find these jewels, you need to work hard. And if real pirates work hard to dig up at least one gram of gold, you and I will work with our heads. Namely, in front of us on the screen will appear nonograms, which encrypt the places on the map, where the treasure is located. The playing field will be divided into cells. You will see some numbers in the top row and in the left column. They mean how many cells in front of them there are treasures. If you see two or more numbers, it means that there is an empty cell between them. Try not to fall into the cells where there is nothing, because you will come across thorns and your chances of winning will decrease. We believe that you will succeed. Good luck!

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