Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer

About game «Pill Soccer»

Pill Soccer is a collection of memories and incredible impressions that you are promised to feel by playing this game. If you like soccer, you can start enjoying it right now - you will find yourself in the very ground zero of an adventurous battle between two players, where only the most flexible and nimble will get victory. Get prepared to protect your part of the field from the ball and at the same time search for a nice chance for retaliation, leaving your enemy with nothing but tears! There are 2 players on the football field - one for every team. You have to throw the ball into the enemy's goal with all your power and make certain that he cannot revive the attack so masterfully that the ball appears in your goal. Apply blows with your head and legs in the air, and also keep a successful technique with you, which is different by more efficient penetration strength and speed.

Watch how to play: