Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe

About game «Penguin Cafe»

Penguin Cafe game suggests that you have to help our main character, who got a job in a cafe. Penguin waiter - this, of course, is rarely found anywhere, but in the virtual world anything can happen, and therefore get down to fulfilling your direct duties without bothering your head with too much. You have to serve visitors within the game. Moreover, there will be so many of the latter that sometimes you will be at a loss as to who or where to start. But do not panic, because panic is not a good helper here. It is necessary to direct all efforts to ensure that the client, in the end, was satisfied. And for this you need to meet the visitor at the entrance, offer him a free table, listen carefully to the wishes about food, take the order with all the wishes to the kitchen, control the cooking process and bring the finished dish to the client.

Watch how to play: