Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe

About game «Penguin Cafe»

Once the baby penguin traveled with scientists around the world and most of all he remembered how he dined in a restaurant. After some time, he returned home and decided to create a similar establishment for penguins. Here he will be able to treat his relatives with fish, ice cream and other cold dishes. Let's help a novice restaurateur develop his business. Your task is to serve all customers who come to the penguin in the restaurant. What does service mean? Your tasks will be to make the guest sit at the table so that it is convenient for him, submit a list of dishes, among which he must make a choice, and if he does not know what he wants, you can advise something to his taste, and of course, at the end, pick up the payment and, if the client is satisfied, he will leave a tip. We believe that you will make a perfect businessman!

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