Penalty Power - Ben 10

Penalty Power - Ben 10

About game «Penalty Power - Ben 10»

The life of an ordinary teenager Ben Tennyson only dreams of. When ordinary guys chase the ball in the yard, the boy has to fight enemies. This time Ben also has to play football. But his rivals will be the most inveterate villains of the galaxy. In the game Penalty Power - Ben 10 the young superhero challenged Vilgax to a sports battle. The arch-villain decided that he would have no equal on the field and that he would easily defeat the guy. But who knows... To start the game you need to choose one of the Omnitrix aliens: Lightning, Core, Strongman, Fire-Man or Diamond. Each of these guys has enough strength to withstand the opponent. Ahead of you is a football duel with five of the most disgusting criminals: Steam Smith, Dr. Animo, the creepy clown Zombozo, Hex and Vilgax. First, you will shoot penalties and score balls into the enemy's goal for a certain amount of time. In the second block of the game, you have to stand on the goal yourself and prevent your opponent from scoring a goal. Become a real intergalactic soccer champion and make your enemies feel like real losers. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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