Parking Car Crash

Parking Car Crash

About game «Parking Car Crash»

Parking Car Crash is a truly crazy game in which you have only one goal and it is to blow up a car controlled either by artificial intelligence or by one of the online players who, like you, are looking for thrills, and there is plenty of this stuff in the game... In the whole game there are two modes. The first, as you might have guessed, involves passing various tasks, and the second is a game with real players on one of the present servers. We advise you to try both the first mode and the second. On the first one you can finish missions and get some money to purchase new cars, and in the second one you can show everyone what your car is capable of, and, of course, its driver. After the start, you will be sent to a big parking lot, where there is a small shop and a separate area, which, unfortunately, cannot be reached in order to relax, for instance. Have fun!

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