Paranormal Police

Paranormal Police

About game «Paranormal Police»

Play Paranormal Police online free game for everyone. Donna and George are members of a unique police team for supernatural affairs. Sure, such a unit, and all their work is very hard. Usually, the police officers are faced with lawbreakers, but these people do not work with ordinary criminals, but with supernatural beings and incidents, so nothing can be foreseen in advance. This time, Donna and George were summoned by man known as Joshua, who is confident that his abandoned ranch is the area where the supernatural events take place. He was not able to handle these events himself, so he had to ask them until something graver would occur. Donna and George accepted the farmer’s challenge and treated it very seriously, so they immediately went to the ranch with the sole purpose of finding out if this is truly the location where the supernatural events occur. The police truly understand their work well, but they can also take advantage of our help. Let's examine an empty farm house together and discover what's actually going on there. This game you can access on all types of devices and gadgets. Much fun!

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