Panic in Townsville - The PowerPuff Girls

Panic in Townsville - The PowerPuff Girls

About game «Panic in Townsville - The PowerPuff Girls»

Panic in Townsville - The PowerPuff Girls is an arcade game based on the Powerpuff Girls animated series. Townsville is in danger. Powerpuff Girls Help! Townsville was in great danger, but the Powerpuff Girls flew by, who gladly agreed to help the locals. However, there were so many threats that the three cuties could not cope with them. Hurry to join them and help destroy the meteorites that fly straight to the Earth. Fiery asteroids must be burned with lasers from the eyes, and ice ones with powerful blows. Take control of the Powerpuff Girls and show them where to fly and what to destroy. It is not as difficult as it might initially seem. Use the left mouse button for this. Hold it down and point the direction in which the heroines should fly. Then click on a fiery asteroid to burn it, and click on an ice one to destroy it. Collect tasty treats to help you regain your strength and follow the tips from the mayor of the city.

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