Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10

Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10

About game «Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10»

How many times has Ben won battles against aliens, monsters and other enemies of our planet? It is difficult to answer, and no matter how much, it is important that all the battles ended with the victory of our hero - Ben. Of course, one cannot deny the fact that every victory was possible only thanks to a certain device called the Omnitrix. And by the way, Ben will have to go into battle again, only first you need to check the reincarnation device and you can start. But what is it, why does the device fail? Unfortunately, there is no time to figure it out and we will manually switch Ben's characters in the adventure - Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10! The story creators give you the right to choose one of the superheroes yourself and start the mission. There are four of the most powerful characters here, this is of course an alien creature with huge eyes, but very smart, one might say a scientist; it could not do without Lightning, a super-fast and not quite strong alien, and two more heroes.

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