Mr Bullet 2

Mr Bullet 2

About game «Mr Bullet 2»

In game-name, you take on the role of a tough shooter and crime fighter. You have to stand alone against a whole gang of thugs, who are known for their danger and ruthlessness. They recently committed a series of crimes for which they must be punished. The police are powerless against the powerful syndicate, and the secret forces that our hero personifies come into play. Your goal is to destroy all enemies using the minimum number of bullets. It will not be easy, because you have to calculate each of your shots, taking into account the trajectory of the bullet and the ricochet. At each level, the shooter will have a limited number of rounds. You must destroy all enemies using the specified number of bullets. If you fail the first time, then you can make a second attempt and so on ad infinitum.

Watch how to play: