Mr. Bean - Skidding

Mr. Bean - Skidding

About game «Mr. Bean - Skidding»

We are all familiar with this interesting character in the world of cinema - Mr. Bean! As you know, this is not the best example of having a healthy lifestyle. When Mr. Bean needs to get somewhere, he is always lazy to walk, and gets behind the wheel of a car. But this time he was not lucky, because his transport broke down, and now Mr. Bean urgently needs to master another means of transportation. And it will be... a skate! A good old character asked you to teach him how to skate! Well, how can you refuse this merry fellow? Your main task will be to help the character balance on a skateboard so as not to fall to the ground. Also on your way will be scattered baskets of berries - they will need to be collected. But be careful, because you can get in the way of other obstacles in the form of stones, and even careless grandmothers who literally jump under the wheels!

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