Movie Lot Mayhem - Teen Titans Go!

Movie Lot Mayhem - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Movie Lot Mayhem - Teen Titans Go!»

The main characters of the cartoon are five teen titans. All the fun adventures of the animated series "Teen Titans Go!" Are connected with them. The Teen Titans Company decided to go to the cinema today. But the trouble is, when they came to the cinema, the attack of alien robots began, and now our heroes in the Teen Titans Go to the Movies in cinemas August 3: Movie Lot Mayhem game will need to fight them back. Your character picking up a weapon will ambush. Robots will appear on the screen in front of you and you will have to quickly catch them in the sight of your weapon. When ready, fire a shot and destroy the enemy. Remember that your friends may flicker among the robots and you should not fall into them. Every minute there will be more and more opponents, so be extremely careful. Have much fun!

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